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Seras Victoria and Alucard (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Seras Victoria and Alucard (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Little Lilo (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Little Lilo (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Stitch, Angel, and Lilo 2 by Crazywolfgirl111 Stitch, Angel, and Lilo 2 :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Stitch, Angel, and Lilo by Crazywolfgirl111 Stitch, Angel, and Lilo :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 1 0 Totoro's Cat Bus (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Totoro's Cat Bus (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Yuno Gasai, Pikachu (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Yuno Gasai, Pikachu (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Lilo and Stitch (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Lilo and Stitch (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Freddy and Foxy (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Freddy and Foxy (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 3 0 Scout (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Scout (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Mega Absol (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Mega Absol (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 W.D Gaster (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 W.D Gaster (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 2 1 Female Medic (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Female Medic (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 0 0 Team Fortress 2 (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Team Fortress 2 (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 1 0 Lock Shock and Barrel (Sakura-Con 2017) by Crazywolfgirl111 Lock Shock and Barrel (Sakura-Con 2017) :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 1 0 Happy B~Day Markiplier 2016 by Crazywolfgirl111 Happy B~Day Markiplier 2016 :iconcrazywolfgirl111:Crazywolfgirl111 1 0


Ricca by bleedman Ricca :iconbleedman:bleedman 661 114 Silence by UNWanTED-ArT Silence :iconunwanted-art:UNWanTED-ArT 43 3 Miko's Hero by Swashbookler Miko's Hero :iconswashbookler:Swashbookler 130 33
Don't You Forget It (Optimus Prime X Reader)
(A/N) Slight Swearing

(y/n) = Your Name
(a/c) = Armour Color
It's been a living hell since he left. My spark had been ripped in two, then sloppily molded together by my friends and teammates. The black truck, Ironhide, has been the most help these days.. always sure Optimus isn't dead, always making sure I get some food into my system. His faith is refreshing, yet un-needed. I don't know why he's always around—I'm always in tears or a filthy mess. I haven't washed my (a/c) armour in days, and there's dried energon streaks everywhere. As my optics surveyed the scene, a familiar whiz came from behind me. 
Damn it, Ironhide, I don't want you seeing me like this again.

“You know, (y/n), you need a shower.” The black autobot said beside me, squatting on my left as my legs dangled over the edge.
I looked the opposite direction, not wanting him to see the new trails of tears. 
:iconforestmagyk:ForestMagyk 40 12
[Optimus x Reader] With you Forever -One shot-
A blast of energon flew through the air, aiming for the ribcage of the notorious Optimus Prime. It missed and hit the rocks behind him, while the certain decepticon who had the half-wit idea to shoot at the leader of autobots was shot down and immediatly killed.
Optimus Prime was locked in battle with the decepticons, his teammates; Bee, Arcee, Bulk, Smokescreen and [Name] were with him.
Optimus couldn't deny that he was off his game today. [Name] had recently been on life support after a mission gone worng. Today was the first time since then that she got to fight the Decepticons head-on, and Optimus was a nervous wreck. He blasted the next decepticon with deadly accuracy and faced [Name], to make sure she was fine.
She was doing okay, but she was favoring her left leg too much, what if the Con's figured it out and used it against her? What if she lost balance and was disabled?
Bumble Bee beeped behind him and Optimus sighed. "I know, Bumble Bee, but what if she mis-steps? Everyone do
:iconultragamingnerd2001:UltraGamingNerd2001 149 55
Transformers: Optimus Prime x Female Reader
It has been a couple weeks since you encountered the Autobots. The Autobots are Cybertronians from a planet called Cybertron. Their war with the Decepticons, other Cybertronians from Cybertron, brought a little planet known as Earth in the middle of it. You, along with some other humans, know about their existence. 
Your encounter with the Autobots was a complete accident. Bulkhead was driving down the road with his human companion, Miko. You were hitchhiking at the time when Miko offered you a lift. Bulkhead was suddenly attacked by Vehicons. Bulkhead had no choice but to transform into his robot mode. Miko did her best explaining what Bulkhead was while he fought off the Vehicons. 
Unfortunately Bulkhead had no choice but to retreat to base. He escaped with you and Miko in hand. Ratchet was first to lecture the wrecker for bringing another human to their base, but Miko stepped in to defend her best friend. You stood astonished by the large robots in front of you until th
:iconravynofdarkwood:RavynOfDarkwood 69 4
Peter Cullen and my Kitty Optimus! by umitaro Peter Cullen and my Kitty Optimus! :iconumitaro:umitaro 43 6 Oogie's revenge by jackfreak1994 Oogie's revenge :iconjackfreak1994:jackfreak1994 39 43
Nightmare | Foxy x Reader
       EVO< Well, here's to another FNaF related story !
I think I put quite a bit of thought into this one, as well - knowing how I have a kink for violence and such - getting into detail pretty quickly. As you already know - feel free to share & favorite!
Cheers, and happy reading !
       You closed your eyes. It was about close to 11', leaning against the doorway of your front door of your house. You were pretty happy - you've just received a phone call just two days before about landing a job at the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria - which you should've been happy about - but nervous. You had applied for several other jobs before this one - but all but this one had turned you down flat. Even if they had said yes - you would've picked this one anyhow. The other jobs were mostly consisted of boring cubicles and offices - while this one was more light hearted and fun. Not to mention interactive, after all. You begin to pry you
:icongutsrot:gutsrot 96 16
As Time Ticks On 2 (Mike x Reader)
As Time Ticks On, Relations Wither Away
But They Can Be Repaired Over Time
(Mike Schmidt x Reader)
Five Nights At Freddy's 1
Mentions of the infamous Rebornica. And a beautiful song.
//Power Goes Out Song by Rebornica (Check them out, they're cool.)
Arriving earlier than normal, (Y/n) sat down in the office chair with two coffees in hand. She sat the one destined for Mike on the desk, sipping her own as she waited for the other security guard. Hearing footsteps, she glanced over to find Mike standing there, adjusting his cap. Their gazes locked, neither of them speaking before she tilted her head over to the coffee. He nodded, grabbing ig before standing beside her. The silence was tense, neither of them wanting to speak, but soon the alarm for midnight rang, and they switched posisions, Mike now sitting in the office chair and (Y/n) standing close to the doors.
"Gone? Yeah, he's at the door."
"Freddy's gone too."
"Where the fuck
:iconcrystalmapleleaf:CrystalMapleLeaf 100 116
AntiBust by cartoonjunkie AntiBust :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,931 427 MLP-Princess Luna by putt125 MLP-Princess Luna :iconputt125:putt125 36 4 [TFP] PUTT125's Art by LoralynAlienora [TFP] PUTT125's Art :iconloralynalienora:LoralynAlienora 20 30 Nostalgia Base by BK-Bases Nostalgia Base :iconbk-bases:BK-Bases 1,274 117 Singer Girl Base by BBPixels Singer Girl Base :iconbbpixels:BBPixels 1,348 229 Lonely Girl Base by PixelBerii Lonely Girl Base :iconpixelberii:PixelBerii 508 56



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